The High Cost of Hair

 So now I have hair - and now I have to maintain it.  In my previous posts, I lamented about my new Alopecia hair and how unnatural the new hair is - very strange color of charcoal and very coarse texture.  I know - whine whine whine - at least I have hair right?  Well, yes and no....more

Hostage to My Hair Follicles

To be bald or not to be bald - that is the question!It’s a well known fact that Alopecia is a personal and unpredictable disease.  Yes, it has a mind of it’s own and anyone that has had any degree of Alopecia knows that to be true.  Hair can spontaneously grow on your head just as quickly as it can fall out for no apparent reason.  Sure, there are some remedies that may delay or prompt growth but for the most part, alopecia says when, where, and how much....more

The Hair Growth Phenomenon


Hair Loss Wisdom

Ever feel like you were losing an abnormal amount of hair?  It’s happened to me twice and I picked up some hair loss wisdom along the way....more

The Many Faces of Hair Loss

Never tell a woman who is losing her hair “It will grow back.”  I write it all the time.  If in fact a woman is losing her hair, she is most certainly living in the here-and-now of it, so telling her it will grow back is just avoiding the emotions she has here and now - NOT helpful....more



Confession of a bald man - I had no idea how important hair is to women....more