6 Must Have Features For A Beginners Sewing Machine

The higher rating may be because of the low price, and you must also keep in mind that the people who rate beginners machines are also beginners.Most of them won’t be having any previous experience with a sewing machine. So their rating will be based on how that particular machine works for them.They won’t be cross comparing the features with other machines. What you need to do is, cross-examine each and every sewing machine that comes under your budget....more

Tartan Tantrum!

Yes, yes, yes, I know tartan came in really strong in 2013. Did I wear a lot of it, yes I did. Do I still have plenty of pieces hanging in my closet, yes I do. Am I sick of seeing myself in TARTAN….kind of yes, kind of no.View all pictures & full posting at www.stylegonerogue.com ...more