Home for the Holidays

Oh, the holidays! Fa la la la la. Such fun, so festive, a time of celebration! Or, as it’s known in my world, HOLY SHIT ARE THERE REALLY ONLY 10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS???????  The fact that the past year has been a complete blur isn’t really surprising to me. However, the fact that we’re 18 days away from the New Year is shocking. Where has all the time gone? And now it’s the holidays! Do I have a tree? Nope. Gifts purchased? About 5 percent of what I need to get. Holiday plans? Not-a-one, unless “sleep until noon every day” counts. ...more

Christmas 2010

Parents who celebrate Christmas want to delight their children, making the time special and memorable.  But many of those same parents are conflicted this year.  The “under the tree” pickings will be slim.  The food less than excessive, they can’t afford the gas to go to grandma’s, can’t ask others to help as they are in the same situ.  Christmas lights will be turned on later and off earlier to save power (the kids won't notice if you don't tell them). Modern songs and advertising have set us up to believe we should all have holly decked halls; roasting che...more

A New Kind of Christmas

Christmas-time at our House: part 1

Many families (especially Christian families) find it difficult to balance the celebrations of Christmas-time, wanting to focus on Christ's birth but having so many influences from Santa and other traditions.  Young married couples, celebrating their first Christmases together, also find it difficult to meld traditions from 2 family backgrounds to make their own new family traditions that are meaningful and that work for both of them.  How do we truly celebrate the REAL reason for the season, while not leaving out all the fun stuff that we've all come to love and enjoy?  How do we include things that are appropriate for the season and not completely discount the things that have been meaningful to us in our families growing up? ...more