There's an oil for that - Rosemary

I have recently started taking more interest in Essential Oils.I was in my natural market the other day and noticed they were having a sale on some of their essential oils so I picked up Rosemary and Sweet Orange.  So as I learn about these wonderful oils I figured I would share what I learn with you all.  And please if you know some great info feel free to comment and share! My focus today is Rosemary.  ...more

My Review of Ear Candling

First, I should note that I am by no means an ear candling professional. Just an interested and curious young woman who is sharing her experience with it here.Now I must admit, I laughed the first time I saw 'ear candling' in a natural health catalog. It reminded me of other super-essentials I've stumbled across on late-night infomercials back when we had a TV. And I actually searched online to find a few of these ironic items but got completely sidetracked instead. Thank you, internet. Ahem. ...more
Can i suggest a test that may change your view Use one of these ear candles and observe what ...more

A Magic Carpet Ride to Saturn

Laurie:  I won’t even tell you how I ended up there but I spent a Friday night at a Whole Energy Festival in a Manhattan hotel.  Folks who had just dined on raw food, channeled the directions to the hotel, and chanted on the subway showed up in flocks.  Some of the booths I encountered included an 87-year-old man who wanted to heal my back with an ice cube.  He also wanted me to buy his $25 self-published book that showed me how to do it myself by way of stick figure diagrams.  A lovely Indian lady accosted me with a cracker and some almond butter that her husband...more

Meditation looks promising for ADHD therapy in kids

This is a small study (not many kids) but could have good implications. I think meditation, food changes and cognitive skills therapy together could be much more beneficial (and safer) than Ritalin for the majority of kids diagnosed with ADHD.  ...more

How to Find the Right Massage Therapist for You

I would like to go over my suggestions for the process of finding just the right massage therapist for you. First of all you want to consider:  What do you want from your massage? Pain relief, relaxation or maybe a soothing spa treatment. ...more

Am I Crazy to Try This?

I have a daughter that has chronic health problems. We've gone to nearly every doctor possible and they keep giving her antibiotics. The antibiotics get rid of the infection but the drugs have really done a number on her immune system, causing other problems. We are at the end of our rope and we are still taking our daughter to "traditional" MD's, we are also looking for alternative ways to help her FEEL better. She feels lousy a lot of the time and I am trying to help her feel better, exploring other options for getting her healthy. ...more

Spirituality and psysical healing

Is there a relationship between faith and health? Various studies posit different answers. Yes prayer helps, even by strangers. No it does not. Non religious doctors are more sensitive. Belief helps self-healing. No it does not. The studies are dizzying in their conclusions. So, I was surprised this past week, while watching Grey's Anatomy to see a spiritual healer dealt with very positively. I would expect this on other shows, but on a medical show? Something is afoot culturally. ...more

I am thinking about illness and healing and support a lot right now. my mum is in hospital, on ...more