This is your brain on ... rosemary vs. lavender

Finally - a scientific study on the effects of rosemary on memory! Among the holistic/alternative crowd, rosemary has been known/rumored to have memory-enhancing properties. But few researchers in the scientific community had done much to test the herb to confirm it's attributes.But researchers at Northumbria University recently did a test to see if rosemary essential oil could benefit future memory, and they tested it against lavender oil....more

7 Medicinal Teas

Are you a Tea lover like we are? Not only is one of our Mindful Girls (Alexis) in school for her Herbalism degree, all of us here drink it daily! As a matter of fact, I'm sipping on some honey chamomile as we speak - er - type. Knowing the medicinal properties and history of tea makes it much more enjoyable; with every sip I feel like I’m ingesting ancient history.   ...more

Why I was an essential Oils SKEPTIC & what changed my mind!

Since the birth of my baby, I've been much more health conscious.  Now that I have a little one to care for, I'm thinking about things I never really gave much thought to previously....more

Headaches Are A Pain In The...

In the neck they are a pain in the neck!!...more
I've heard of ocular migraines they do sound like they would be terrifying! I hope you are doing ...more

Nature Is The Best Gym


Dr. Paul Offit on the Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine

Ideally, we recognize things that seem too good to be true, but when it comes to alternative medicine, many people put their faith in testimonials rather than science. Dr. Paul Offit's book Do You Believe in Magic? explains why alternative products and therapies are often neither better nor safer than traditional approaches....more
@TanyaCummingsBoozer I am glad you feel so great about "taking back your life." But I'll go with ...more

Did "Alternative Medicine" Kill Steve Jobs?

When they first discovered the tumor in his pancreas in October 2003, his doctors told him an immediate operation was necessary, and could lead to a cure....more

Treating Menopause With Venom

I'm taking snake venom for hot flashes - Lachesis mutus, to be exact. This homeopathic remedy comes from the poisonous venom of the Bushmaster, a greatly feared snake native to Central and South America....more I hear you: raw milk, ACV, fermented cod liver oil and EVCO are our ...more

Is Alternative Medicine Just a Placebo?

As someone who supports many forms of alternative medicine, included many alternative medicine practitioners in my integrative medicine practice at the Owning Pink Center, and empowers my patients to seek out treatments based on the guidance of their healing inner wisdom (I call it your “Inner Pilot Light”), this statement in an article on CNN caught my eye:...more

My Review of Ear Candling

First, I should note that I am by no means an ear candling professional. Just an interested and curious young woman who is sharing her experience with it here.Now I must admit, I laughed the first time I saw 'ear candling' in a natural health catalog. It reminded me of other super-essentials I've stumbled across on late-night infomercials back when we had a TV. And I actually searched online to find a few of these ironic items but got completely sidetracked instead. Thank you, internet. Ahem. ...more
Can i suggest a test that may change your view Use one of these ear candles and observe what ...more