Frankincense The Holy Oil

Frankincense comes from the the frankincense tree also known as the  olibanum tree which is found in Somali and Southern Arabia among other places. It’s extracted from the resin/sap of the tree  in a steaming process. It’s also one of the oils that was said to have been taken to the baby Jesus by Magi in the bible hence the holy reference....more

Is Alternative Medicine Just a Placebo?

As someone who supports many forms of alternative medicine, included many alternative medicine practitioners in my integrative medicine practice at the Owning Pink Center, and empowers my patients to seek out treatments based on the guidance of their healing inner wisdom (I call it your “Inner Pilot Light”), this statement in an article on CNN caught my eye:...more

Doctor Brian Weiss


Choosing A Yoga Style

When I started practicing yoga 30 years ago, there were only a few styles of Hatha yoga appears in the Western world. As can sometimes occur along the data path, the tree sprouted branches of yoga, which only served to confuse some people and others to attract to this life transforming practice. I wrote about the many benefits of yoga practice with a skilled teacher, but once they choose this style of yoga to start your study, we can all be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you walk into a yoga class of drive power production at the gym waiting for an hour's rest and relaxation....more