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12 days of Christmas Alternative Health Song – hope it helps!

Sing to ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ tune On the 1st day of Christmas my oldest daughter said to me Oh mum I have a sore tummy!  So I gave her a remed-e-eee (Di-Gize, Young Living) ...more

Learn to love your local Lightworker!

You may or may not yet have noticed, but there is a large group of people on this planet who have for a long time been considered somewhat ‘out there’.  I’m referring to a group of folk sometimes referred to as Lightworkers, Energy Workers, perhaps there are some Medical Intuitives in the mix, Body Workers, some NLP™ practitioners, some reflexologists, and some yoga, tai chi, Nia technique practitioners, Psychic/Intuitive practitioners, modern Shamanistic Practitioners, some Zero Balancing practitioners, some Acupuncturists…the list goes o...more

What's a Nutritionist to do?

My whole life I grew up thinking that Europe was the seat of natural medicine. Homeopathy was a household word, pharmacies sold natural products and herbal remebdies....more

Cutting Edge Alternative Rockers “Left Standing” Release New Album “A Brand New Day”

The alternative rock band “Left Standing” has no problem creating vibrant and memorable rock songs. The quintet’s latest full- length CD, “A Brand new Day” is full of infectious sing-along choruses, soaring guitar melodies and fist pumping rhythms....more

Alternative Fashion Finds: Work Clothes with Personality

As a professional woman who must dress the part I am just fine with wearing Business Attire to work. It's a safe choice to wear a black suit that includes a skirt, a blouse, and a jacket. Respectable even. But, if I were honest, I'd say that it gets entirely too boring at times. It's like a uniform and I have plenty of them, but I also have some "fun" items, too. Mostly, this includes wearing brightly colored tights with some of my outfits or funky jewelry that spices everything up or even scarves....more

I keep my clothes conservative for work but add a "different" accessory - can be shoes, bag, a ...more

Benefits of a Good Back and Neck Massage

Relax and Rejuvenate with Massage TherapyMassages are relaxing, and that is exactly why all of us love them! But the fact is that a professionally done massage has several therapeutic effects apart from mere relaxation. A professional masseur’s expert strokes usually give rise to the reaction in the body during and after a massage of the body releasing the “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins that have pain-relieving and mood-elevating properties....more

Ray Holland's 'The Hermit' ...throws caution to the wind and slaps the fickle face of conformity. REVIEW.

The Mayor's Daughter is caught one too many times entertaining the local men and soon becomes something that is bad for public relations and future elections. Although the Mayor himself is too lazy, or perhaps incapable of dealing with his "little princess", his PR company formulate a devious, evil plot to work on an even bigger scandal to overshadow the havoc she is creating. They even enlist the "Tall and Manly" actor guy to sweep her off her feet, in the hope that marriage will force her away from her decadent behaviour, which has even begun ...more

6 Alternative Birthday Gift Ideas

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of stuff. No matter how many things I give away on Freecycle, or on Craigslist's free stuff classifieds, or to Goodwill, the closets and cupboards and drawers keep filling back up. Plus, I think everyone is feeling the pinch of the economic situation these days. It seems crazy for people to spend money buying more things. Below are a few ideas I've been thinking of telling my friends and family are on my wish list: ...more

 Hi Kelly, Sara and Lucinda,

Thanks for all of your alternative gift ideas!  ...more

Harnessing the Wind is Creating Jobs

The U.S. House of Representatives is going to vote on the new economic stimulus package soon, probably later this week.   ...more