Then God Be Blessed, It Is The Blessèd Sun

Just another monkey Monday. Our troupes seem to have their weekly staff meetings near our home on Monday....more

I Met Alton Brown!

Chris and I had an exciting weekend! Last night, we attended the Alton Brown Edible Inevitable Tour at the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati. We’ve been big fans of his for years now, so this opportunity was a no-brainer. Also a no-brainer? Paying a little extra to meet him before the show. ...more

Popcorn Smackdown: Which Popcorn-Making Method Wins?

As long as you don't go smothering your popcorn with artificial butter or a sugary glaze, popcorn is the perfect, healthy snack. First and foremost, it's a whole grain. It has fiber and antioxidants. And it's low in calories when compared to other crunchy, salty snacks. The only thing we've been fighting about at BlogHer is the best way to make it. ...more
Whirly pop! Love it with coconut oil. :)more

Banana Walnut Ice Cream

I was in a hurry, pushing my gigantic cart through Costco while trying to convince the munchkin to sit still long enough to do some actual shopping, when I saw it.  It was a bright red cuisineart ice cream machine for only $23!!! I bought it. Of course I bought it....more

Homemade English Muffins

Every once in a while I get an unreasonable, unstoppable, crazy need to make a specific something that I have never made before. I have no idea why this happens, but once it does I can't rest until I make whatever it is. This sometimes leads to flagrant violation of what is known in our house as The Chicken Fried Steak Rule (click here if you want to know), but every now and then rules are made to be broken. ...more
Yes.They good to make on the weekend.more

Unitasking Kitchen Equipment: Which Items Stay or Go?

Alton Brown -- a kitchen genius in my eyes -- has strong feelings against non-useful unitaskers, those kitchen items that perform a single task. Usefulness is obviously in the eyes of the beholder and what may be a timesaving tool for you is merely clutter for me. He suggests clearing out a drawer or cabinet in your kitchen and placing all your utensils and gadgets in a separate space. ...more
i have a wonderful multi-tasking rice cooker! it's replaced my crockpot since it will slow cook ...more

Snowy Morning Pick Me Up

I have a ritual that I have observed for years now. At the first snow (the first real snow), the one where you wake up and see everything outside covered in at least a couple of centimetres of beautiful white, I make myself a hot cocoa. I sit by the window and drink in the beauty of the season (you know, before the reality of February and slush kicks in). I can't help but get excited about the holidays (not difficult since we celebrate more than our fair ...more

Honestly, it took less than 5 minutes to make a batch (and that's just because I'm really ...more