You give a little, you get a lot

Every Sunday morning, I give my son his allowance. He does a little song and dance he made up and races to his room to put the money into his three jars. So far, he's completely understood the purpose of his spend and save jars, but we haven't done much with his give jar. He knows that he has that jar in order to give back to the world, but we were waiting for enough funds to make an impact....more

No Vacancy in My Heart

We were waiting in Christmas traffic at the intersection to enter Target, with all the road-raging Scrooges that seem to be out this time of year. Horns were honking and cars were going absolutely nowhere, so I turned on the radio and took a sip of my Chestnut Praline latte. My mom sighed in solidarity.“Oh,” she said. “Look over there. Something’s happening.”Something was definitely happening at the Extended Stay motel. Police cars were parked in tandem slots, lights spinning....more

Are you altruistic? It may have to do with the size of your TPJ (part of brain that determines empathy)

Although altruism is often a  trait in those who are truly spiritual/religious, it's certainly not exclusive to those folks. (There are plenty of incredibly generous people who would describe themselves as agnostic or atheist.) So if altruism isn't tied to one's beliefs, does that mean it's tied to something physical? Scientists now believe it could be....more

More Shoes with a Cause

We love to support companies that do great work here and abroad. By now, we are all now quite familiar with (and wearing) Toms Shoes and we love the great work the company does around the world (Did you know that Toms does eyewear now, under the same One-for-One principle).  In fact, we wrote about them three years ago already....more

The V2B Do Something Good Giveaway.

Did I ever tell you my life story? It's long and boring, and you might as well settle down and get comfortable because it's probably going to take all week long to tell it.What's that? You're not interested in my life story, you say? You're just here for the giveaway, you say?HOW RUDE.Well fine, then. If you insist. Jeepers, a girl can't even tell her life story anymore without people trying to shut her up. Pffffft......more

The meaning of philanthropy

One of my goals for 2011 is to live more philanthropically (and figure out what this means in the process). I even made it part of my new motto / slogan....more

I read an article last week in my local newspaper about a dire need for English -speaking foster ...more

Guerrilla Altruism: The Generosity Game

The idea of The Generosity Game is to "make someone's day, and maybe even to restore their faith in humanity" by perpetrating anonymous random acts of kindness. The subversive nature of the goodness required by the game, makes generosity fun, cool, and even hip. ...more