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My Grandmother was the longtime caregiver for my Grandpa.  He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s many years before he passed in 2003.  This was a stressful and challenging role she lovingly and willingly undertook.  I always admired her greatly for insisting she care for him at home.  Her own health was not exactly stellar but this will forever be one of the strongest examples of love I have ever seen.  ...more
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Is Alzheimer's More Than One Disease?

New research suggests that instead of a single disease, Alzheimer’s may be a collection of diseases....more

Making a Nursing Home Visit Less Scary for Kids

As a young child, I remember visiting a great aunt in the nursing home.  The place was poorly lit, with a smell I could not quite figure out - likely a mix of medicine ointments, cleaner, and 'other'.  My great aunt was almost always reclined in her bed, seemingly already not truly living.  My parents did all the talking; I had no idea what to do or say.  In my book, the nursing home was a scary place, and I was glad when it was finally time to go home....more

Lessons from Dementia

God loves us completelyThe phone calls from my mom in the middle of the night range from humorous to heart wrenching. Currently she is in a Rehab hospital following a week-long hospital stay. Unfortunately the hospital stay ramped up her dementia to a whole new level. Previous to this stay she forgot things, would get confused and sometimes look at you with a blank stare. Now however, the stares are more often, the confusion is throughout the day and evenings have become a terrifying time for her....more

MM – Picture day, Dad

Today would have been my father's eighty-eighth birthday, had we not lost him in 2001 to the horrific disease that is Alzheimer's. In my attempts to organize the many boxes of family photos, I've discovered some of his old black and white snaps. Unfortunately, I don't have any information about the pictures, other than what they show. Double unfortunately, I know he had tons of pictures like these, but I get the sneaking suspicion they were lost in a basement flood back in 2004....more

2 Great Female Roles "Still Alice" & "Cake"

I saw these two films Julianne Moore in Still Alice and Jennifer Aniston in Cake within days of each other and couldn't help but be struck by the similarities. Both women are dealing with harsh realities not of their own making....more


We are moving into a new era in Alzheimer's/Dementia research. ...more


Rena McDaniel...more

My mother and Alzheimer's

Every Christmas and Mother’s Day, my little sister and I would save our allowance money to buy our mother Giorgio perfume. Our mother loved that musky perfume, which was released in 1981, and came in a fancy yellow and white striped box. We would buy it at the perfume counter at Hess’s, a mid-scale and only department store in our small town, not as fancy as Kaufman’s but a step up from Sears....more