Laughing In The Face Of Alzheimer's

Life goes by fast.Enjoy it.Calm down. It's all funny--Joan RiversI mean, really – if I didn’t love Joan Rivers before reading that, I certainly did after. It’s perfect. It’s wonderful. It might be the best thing I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately it is also hard to keep in mind when you are walking into a nursing home to visit your Alzheimer’s-stricken dad on his 79th birthday....more

Managing the Emotions of Alzheimer's Caregiving

Did you know one of the most difficult skills an Alzheimer’s caregiver has to learn is how to become a Juggler?...more

Caring for Someone With Alzheimer's Can Take Its Toll

Evelyn, one of my dad’s older sisters, was truly a world-class complainer. Long before I was born, someone in the family bestowed on her the unlikely nickname, “Auntie Honey,” and somehow the name stuck.Growing up, I remember Auntie Honey harping constantly about almost everything.  Her most bitter comments were about her mother — my grandmother — a slight, sweet, extremely religious woman who had lost her mind and didn’t know where she had left it.“She can’t remember a damn thing and it’s driving me crazy,” Auntie Honey would rave....more

Alzheimer's Disease: Principles for a DIGNIFIED Diagnosis

HI Elayne Was just reading your post and thought you might like to find out what we're up to at ...more


Hitting the road to attend our final hearing to finalize guardianship and conservatorship.  Ready for this to all be over...really need some light at the end of the tunnel....more

Love, Patience and Alzheimer's

A week ago, I was watching the “Sex and the City” episode “An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)”. The scene where Steve takes his mother to the ER and discovers she unknowingly suffered a stroke that caused her to have significant memory loss, made me think of my paternal grandmother and grandfather. My grandfather (known as Pa-Pa), was diagnosed with Alzheimer's before passing away in 2000 and now my Grandma suffers with the disease along with RA. At her request, she still lives in the same house that she and my grandfather shared for many years. My dad along with my aunt and uncle take care of her daily in shifts....more
Thank you for your kind response Victorias_view. You are right, "that is what family does." Take ...more

Playing the Piano Does Ease My Stress . . .

Playing the piano does ease my stress . ....more

Alzheimer's robbed me of my mom, and my children of their grandma . . .

Monday, March 28, 2011 Alzheimer's has robbed me of my mom, and my children of their grandmother . ....more

Sitting with mom even while she sleeps . . .

Saturday, March 26, 2011 Sitting with mom even while she sleeps . ....more

Last year my mother got three successive hospitalizations. It was a transition for my father and ...more