Pink is NOT Fat.

As someone who has a strong interest in women’s issues, I feel compelled to give my 2 cents about Pink (Does she still spell it with an exclamation point??) & the recent brouhaha about her weight....more
I agree with you 100% What is really annoying is the mainstream media is quick to point fingers ...more

Why We Keep Getting Feminism Wrong

Why We Keep Getting Feminism Wrong  ...more

Things You Might Learn by Standing Yourself Up

Have you ever shut the parenting door behind you, hanging a “Back in 5″ sign on it and walked away holding your breath in anticipation of the grand reunion with you?I left my children for four days at the end of July to attend a much awaited conference. In the months leading up to it, I’ve been keeping a BlogHer mental vision board and pinned to it were notions of self-fulfillment, female friendship, “self-reunion” and occupying the remaining ninety percent – uninterrupted sleep....more

Hey Ladies .... Let's be better to each other

I am a bleeder, I bleed from the heart. I feel other's pain more than I have ever been able to explain to anyone, actually. I worry constantly that people don't like me, regardless of how well I know I treat them. I have been an asshole and I have been an amazing friend. I have been human. I have let my own pain change the direction of my thoughts, I am now desperately in the midst of trying to change that. ...more

The Power to Live Your Best Life Now

As children we were often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Based on our dreams or what we had seen other adults do or be, we responded with zest and zeal about what we wanted to do or be. We were emphatic about becoming, a doctor, a lawyer, a chef, a mechanic, an entrepreneur. As life evolved for each of us, our dreams changed, the path of life changed and we became who we are today…or have we?...more


Wrinklesby Bari Beckettin reflection ...more

No clothes for 6 months…

No clothes for 6 months… I went in my closet and saw I have and addiction to clothes! There are clothes everywhere and things I forgot I have. Clothes I have not ever worn. Things I have bought and did not return that needed to be. How much wasted money did I spend on all this? I would say thousands over the years. Here is the important conclusion I came to; there are millions of people out there that go without. I could be doing something better with that money. Also why do I do that? It fills a void. Now what is that void? I have to look at it....more

Why Men are Better than Women at Math... and what we can do about it.

In the 2012 PISA results released Dec. 3, boys outperformed girls in math in 37 out of the 65 countries and economies that participated – girls outperformed boys in only five....more

The Lies I Tell Myself

Lie, Lay, LiedGrammar! Sex! Sleep Deprivation! And exploring the lies I tell myself."Lie, Lay, Lied" was the original title and premise of my blog. The inside joke was that I can never remember whether to say "lie" or "lay" even though I'm a self-proclaimed grammar geek. ...more

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