(TRIGGER ALERT, UPDATED) #Amazonfail Twitstorm: Kindle Store Selling Self-Published Pedophilia How-To

Did you know that you can self-publish on Amazon? You can, and that's kind of cool. What's not cool is that it means that anyone can self-publish on Amazon -- people like Phillip R Greaves II, who self-published an ebook called The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure. Yes, you read that right. ...more

SJ read it and confirmed it's about as vile as you'd expect...like recommending how to ...more

Censorship, #AmazonFail, and the dark side of self-publishing

Remember Banned Books Week? It was a little over a month ago, and many of us defended the freedom of access to books, regardless of their content:“I'm very much in favor of the freedom to read what one chooses to read - and in order to make those choices well, one needs access to the full range of choices. I also believe in the freedom to choose not to read something. But I believe those rights belong to the individual and not to any institution (with an exception, perhaps, for parents of young children regarding what those children read in their own homes). I do not support censorship... “Having said that, I don't make a point of seeking out and reading banned or censored books just because they're banned...But I also know there are themes and topics that just don't appeal to me, and quality of writing notwithstanding, if I choose not to read a particular book, that will be the reason why.” ...more