Making Amends, My 7 yr old's responses, and A Glimpse of Heaven

Like many recent mornings, the twins woke me up between 4 and 4:30 am, much too early for me to be giddy or well-tempered. Since I can remember, I had a reputation for being super cranky when sleep-deprived, tired, or hungry. There is a distinction between sleep-deprivation and being tired, however small the gap might be....more

The Apology - effusive or elusive?

Apologies -- so neeedful, so misused. It seems people either apologize too much or too little. Yet a well placed apology can heal (or begin to heal) very deep wounds. An apology can say that the other person matters, and that their feelings are being heard in deep ways. ...more

I knew someone who had a horrible time apologizing. When I explained it was like bumping into ...more