Religion, Idiots and The American Dream

Religion seems to bring out the worst in people.  Folks are shoving their bogus dogma down American throats and there is no end in sight. Kim Davis is the quintessential “good ole girl”. Since the June 26th ruling by the Supreme Court guaranteeing the right of marriage for same-sex couples, she has gone on a one-dumb woman rampage to protect the holy sanctity of marriage....more

Let Freedom Ring...(on your cell phone)

Do you realize how lucky we are, I mean you have some kind of device whether it be a computer, a tablet or a phone with which to read this.  You have the luxury to read a blog!  I have the luxury to write one....more

Friendships, Opinions and Social Media

It is so hard to voice political opinions when you are talking friendships. You want to respect one another. I have been very careful to not voice my opinion online.I was just over on my Facebook page and found so many people I respect and care about are complaining about the outcome of the election. Praying.I keep reading that they are praying.I pray too, a lot....more
@Elisa Camahort You're welcome.  I think if more people weren't embarrassed or afraid of being ...more

With All Due Respect My Fellow Americans

I am an American. I am also a Liberal, a Democrat, a Progressive...You get the point. I do not claim to be a political scholar of any kind...However, I know what my own values are and I don't foresee changing anytime soon...Nor am I writing this to convince my Republican buddies to to share in my convictions...Why yes!!!...I do have friends and family who are Republican! *Collective GASP!* I have a number of friends who I consider intelligent, knowledgable people, who seem to have done their homework and will most certainly vote differently than myself. That's ok...I can respect that. ...more