Hybrid Medical Media Summer Report on ”The Status of a Cure for Breast Cancer”

Robert Graham and Hybrid Medical Media Reporting from Chicago American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Cancer Research April, 2012Hybrid Medical Media Summer Report on” The Status of a Cure for Breast Cancer”. ...more
T-DM1 & Genomic ....Use Genomic To Find The Cancer Gene ....use T_DMI to Stop the spread of ...more

Why I Relay

You might have noticed on my blog a new badge which states "I am a Proud Supporter of Relay For Life; American Cancer Society." In June the women in my mommy group and I will be participating in The American Cancer Societies Relay for Life here in our city. We are hoping to collectively raise as much as we can towards aiding this organization and their mission....more

Colon Cancer and Hubby

We met with the oncologist a week ago, Nov. 29th, to go over the official pathology report.Stage 3B colon cancer with a distinct possibility of Stage 4. There is an 11mm spot on Hubby’s liver that the oncologist wants checked out with a PET scan. There were 3 cancerous lymph nodes removed during the surgery and 3 more “lit up” on the CT scan. The tumor that perforated Hubby’s colon was 3.5cm and high grade. There are also several microscopic tumors scattered throughout the colon....more
get him a tshirt that says "cancer sucks"! i had one that i proudly wore to chemo sessions. ...more

Nae's Nest

Sometimes I truly believe I am dying. I am fighting depression as well as cancer on a daily basis.On Dec 9, 2009, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. It has spread to 1 lymph node (stage 3) and has gone through a few layers of the colon wall. There are 3 types of colon cancer. Type 1 is the least aggressive; type 3 is the most aggressive. Mine, thankfully, is type 1.However, given the fact it has spread to lymph nodes gives it the grade of "stage 3". In Colon Cancer, stage 1 is curable, stage 4 is terminal....more

How Much Do We Really Know About Pancreatic Cancer?

It is a shame that it would take the death of one of the most forward-thinking men in consumer technology for us to consider how much further we still have to go in terms of developing early detection methods and improving the survival rate of patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. ...more
My best friend died of it one year a go. Wise thought to contribute for the research about it. more

Daffodil Days

As the first flower of spring, the daffodil is a symbol of hope. To the American Cancer Society, it represents the hope we all share for a future where cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease. You can provide hope to all people affected by the disease by participating in the American Cancer Society Daffodil Days. Money raised  helps fund the fight against cancer....more

Pre Existing condition Marfan Syndrome is the disease that will benefit the most from what Republicans calls Obama Care

At The National Press Club Hybrid Pharma ask what dose Mike Huckabee think about Marfan ...more

Join The Choose You Movement with Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy

How many times in the course of a day do you put yourself first?  Let's face it, women have a lot of trouble doing that.  Somewhere along the line we became convinced that putting ourselves first was taboo, and rather than see the benefits of taking time for ourselves, we instead chose to feel guilty about it. In the long-run this type of behavior can catch up with us in the form of poor health, chronic illness, and even cancer. ...more

Thanks Amy...I totally agree.

Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan
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Look Good Feel Better: Free Help for Cancer Patients

This week I attended a training session for volunteers for the Look Good Feel Better program for the American Cancer So...more

From awareness... to action!

There are as many ways to fight cancer as there are types of cancer. You know that. You've already been touched by cancer, and your sharp, sharp memories are in many cases what moved 35,000 of you to read, and 350 of you to comment on my last post. Your words are powerful. As I read the comments, I felt your pain, your frustration, and your triumph in overcoming the wounds left by this beast....more