Privileged: My Story of Legal Immigration

I'm an immigrant living the American dream. I own a house in the Austin suburbs, work full time in IT, and am raising twin daughters. The kids are in both the dual language and gifted programs at our local public school. We go to church every Sunday. We've hosted Girl Scout events in our home. I'm divorced and slowly digging myself out from legal debt after an ugly custody battle, which is less dreamy, but altogether American....more
hdydi "Privileged" in America to a American born citizen has become a word of convenience in the ...more

Why We Finally Caved to the ‘American Dream’

My husband and I have done two things we said we’d never do (and neither was reminiscent of 50 Shades of Grey). We bought a house and it’s in the suburbs.Isn’t this the American Dream? Perhaps for many people it is, but it’s never been our dream.After a condo-owning fiasco, we had sworn we’d never own property again. We’d happily fork over cash to a landlord if it meant trading in home maintenance and a hefty mortgage for more fun things, like dining out and European vacations....more

Chasing the Dream

So that 'reinventing yourself' thing? Yeah, that.Leave it to me to over-analyze, but I'm trying to figure out how this all works.  I committed to wait and pray, but is that all I'm supposed to be doing?...more

Hiding Behind the Suburban American Dream

When I was young I spent a lot of my time thinking and worrying about what came next. I was always in a hurry – pushing myself to get that next thing – whether it was a bigger home, a pay increase or another child. I felt like I was supposed to push forward this invisible agenda in order to be seen as “accomplished.” ...more
Kudos to you for having the courage to confront AND write about these things.  It's always ...more

What If You Want a Different Dream?

"People in China, India, Vietnam, and other developing countries are still dreaming the 'American dream,' as if that dream were the ultimate goal of mankind--everyone has to have a car, a bank account, a cell phone, a television set of their own.  In 25 years the population of China will be 1.5 billion people, and if each of them wants to drive their own car, China will need 99 million barrels of oil every day. But world production today is only 84 million barrels per day.  So the American dream is not possible for the people of China, India, or Vietnam....more

The Cost of the American Dream

Living in the shadow of NYC, 9/11 hits close to home.   Literally. I think this definitely is the one day where everyone can remember where he was and what he was doing when America was attacked on our own soil. ...more

This way for "Inspiration" please ----->

There was this golden time of my life when I didn't look around for inspiration of any sort. (Great! Now I've got you thinking this is a boastful post from a conceited B*&#H. I'm not like that - at least, not anymore - LOL!)  I was supremely confident, content with all aspects of life.  Obviously, that didn't last long.  At least, not long enough for me (and I became human again)....more

The American Dream: Do Immigrants Have A Say?

We were sitting in People’s Park off Kirkwood, which is one of the main student drags. I was with 3 other girls for our summer weekly Book Nosh, and we were about to dig into some of the characters of CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce. Everyone was slurping up some iced coffee drinks and other summery liquid confections, and in a wonderful mood, I think, with the air cooling down, the sun slowly setting though it was still quite light out. And then 2 young men walked up and asked out of the blue:Can we ask you a question? What do you think about the American Dream?...more
So true, that the "American Dream" is so usually referred to only in sarcasm or as a punchline. ...more

Is The American Dream Dead?

A few days ago on Morning Joe, the CEO of Gallup (the polling company) expressed surprise, if not dismay, that the American Dream has changed. According to polls, Americans no longer define the Dream as "peace, a home and family, religious freedom..." Now, they long for "a good job." I am not kidding....more

The Great Downsizing Debate Continues

Jennifer Schwab Director of Sustainability,