American Girl Craze: Cute or Creepy?

My girls adore their American Girl dolls, even my oldest (8-year old tomboy) who has never been into dolls is crazy about Kaya the Native American doll and her horse Steps High. My younger two (almost-7 and almost-4) love to wear matching outfits with their dolls, McKenna and a rotating-name Bitty Baby. American Girl encourages this cloning behavior: the store and catalog are filled with identical outfits for girl and doll. You can even customize your doll to look like you – picking out skin tone, hair color/length/style and eye color....more
I can't imagine why your husband would not want to be involved in this!  The camp out photo is ...more

American Girl doll sleeping bag & pillow

Idea submitted by Kristi of Zionsville, IN.(This idea goes along with another post about an American Girl doll tent.)    MATERIALS NEEDED: 14×10 inches (Material for pillow)...more

American Girl doll camping tent

Idea submitted by Kristi of Zionsville, INDoes your daughter love American Girl dolls? Here is a super cute accesory to go along with your child’s doll – a camping tent!Here are Kristi’s instructions:...more
great idea!more

The American Girl Doll vs. Barbie

Last weekend, my daughter bought her first American Girl doll. The doll’s name is Ruthie, she has brown hair, no boobs, and a modest purple dress. She cost $105. And that was without buying any extra clothes or accessories.My daughter had been pleading for an American Girl doll for months. Most of her friends have several of the dolls already. The dolls are based on books and feature plucky girl heroines who live during different periods of history. They are educational, wholesome, and inspiring.That’s all great, but I couldn’t get past the $105 part. For a doll. Really?!?...more
I wish I knew of some less expensive doll out there, that came equipped with empowering messages ...more

Here’s Even More Ridiculous For The Heaping Plate Of Ridiculousness

When Bossy's daughter was young enough to play with dolls -- which was yesterday and maybe tomorrow and the next day even though Bossy's daughter relocated her dolls to purgatory the basement but Bossy still holds out hope -- Bossy's daughter preferred baby dolls that look and feel like real babies. Bossy's daughter never took part in the phenomenon that is the American Girl doll thing, which doesn't prevent the company from sending Camp Bossy an American Girl catalogue every fifteen minutes....more

Sooooooo glad, My girl's missed out on the AG thing! I think they're quite creepy, and with ...more

So much to do, so little time...

This weekend is jam packed with great things see and do! ...more