Wear Red Tomorrow to Raise Awareness for Women's Heart Health

Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day to raise awareness on women's heart health. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and it disproportionally kills more women than men. A few of the editors at BlogHer threw on some of our favourite red things and listed out ways that we're taking care of our hearts this February. We'd love for you to join along. Just (1) post a picture of yourself wearing something red on your blog or your favourite social media site, (2) say a few words about what you do to protect your heart health, and (3) come here and leave a link to the post in the comment section. ...more
Luv the red!more

5 Things You Can Be Doing Right Now to Take Care of Your Heart

Today kicks off National Heart Health Awareness Month, in fact, today is the 50th anniversary of this program.  Plus Friday is Go Red for Women to specifically raise awareness for women's heart health. ...more

BlogHer Talks to Gordon Tomaselli, President of the American Heart Association

I was fortunate to interview Dr. Gordon Tomaselli, the president of the American Heart Association so he could tell the women of BlogHer about this important program and other steps that will lead to heart health. We're surrounded by hearts in February anyway, but this message will last a lot longer and provide far greater benefits than a box of chocolates. ...more
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Why Cardio Is Important

In keeping with the American Heart Association Heart Month theme, I want to talk more about your heart health and why getting your heart rate up is important.Did you know that just like the other muscles in your body, your heart is a muscle and needs exercising, too.  And also, just like your other muscles will atrophy when not used, your heart muscle will atrophy as well....more
I love it! I'll do lunges to when I'm at work and no one is looking! ;)more

Today I wore Red

Today I wore red in honor of National Go Red Day.  This month the American Red Cross is drawing attention to the #1 killer of American women: heart disease.  This hits home for me.  My mother’s mother died of a heart attack at the age of 44. My mother died of a heart attack at the age of 57.  Both women were not overweight.  They were non-smokers.  But they both suffered from high blood pressure.  They both died suddenly....more

Go Red for Wear Red Day and Help Raise Heart Disease Awareness

In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of cardiovascular health, the American Heart Association is kicking off American Heart Month with National Wear Red Day. Since its inception in 2002, the red dress has become a symbol of heart disease awareness among women, and through Wear Red Day, participants continue to spread awareness, reminding themselves and those in their lives that heart disease doesn't care who you are or what you wear: it is still very much the number one killer of women. ...more

CPR Guidelines

When someone collapses many people are understandably reluctant to jump in and start CPR because of concerns of doing the chest compressions while also providing the breaths at the right rates.  In 2008, the American Heart Association recommended that in an emergency, people could just do the chest compressions and skip the breathing, unless of course they were comfortable with traditional CPR....more

Bystander can be a lifesaver: Watch this CPR video

Most people who survive a cardiac emergency are helped by a bystander. It's normal to feel nervous to help out in an actual emergency, but the Hands-Only CPR method by the American Heart Association uses two simple steps to make it easier to become a lifesaver.  ...more