Powerful, Fabulous Women Over 55 on TV

Hollywood is no place for aging women, to be sure. By all accounts, it's incredibly brutal and oppressive to be an actress over 30, let alone in your fifties or sixties.  All the more reason to cheer, then, that some of the most powerful and memorable  performances on our screens right now are being filed by women who are (gorgeously, powerfully, unabashedly) older than ingenues.  ...more
Deb, as always, I love your insights. And Angela Bassett should be in the Justice League of ...more

American Horror Story - The Show I Swore I Was NEVER Going to Watch

Two of my all time favorite show were Twin Peaks and The X-Files.  I will be the first to admit that it was in part do to the fact that I had giant crushes on the male leads in both shows (Kyle McLaughlin and David Duchovny) but another "draw" to both of the shows was that they were about things that couldn't easily be explained. ...more

TV Shines a Light on the Dark Underbelly of Suburbia

Two vastly different television series have premiered this fall with a common theme.  Both Suburgatory (ABC comedy, Wednesday nights at 8:30pm) and American Horror Story (fX drama, Wednesday nights at 10pm) give us a peek at the weirdness lurking on the other side of those manicured suburban lawns.  Suburgatory has more bullies, vamps and psych...more
I think that my father would have joined watching the show with your Dad too. Sounds like his ...more