American Idol Recap: The Top (Lucky) 13 Idols Sing Their Idols

After the quickest semi-finals in American Idol history, here we are at the finals where 13 contenders -- 7 girls and 6 boys -- are trying to put the feather in the cap of a revitalized Season 10 by actually being worthy of a win....more

I agree with you on Jacob. I like him personally but I don't think what he does is American Idol ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 24

This week the *real* American Idol kicked off...the American Idol that's about singing. Although I did find this season's audition period less painful than usual...with more focus on the good than the bad...I still am most happy when we settle in and can talk song choice, "whole packages" and pitchiness. I confess to being a little confused, because I thought they had said they wouldn't be doing a Boys vs. Girls thing where an equal number of each would get into the Finals, and I'm disappointed if that's not the case....more

That's why I said "where the contestants who come in 11th and 12th don't get to go on tour" ...more

American Idol Guys: Who Will Be The First To Leave?

    First I’d like to say the judges did it! I love this combo of Steven, Jennifer and Randy. It is so good to have people making the calls that know what music is all about. How refreshing it is to have all the judges getting along although they may not agree on everything....more

Yep the girls just aren't up there with the guys that's for sure. Thia's performance was ...more

Simon Says?

I can’t believe I’m actually writing for the 2nd time in a week about Simon Cowell and his shows. I’m not a Simon follower, I swear. I do watch Idol, mostly out of curiosity, but a Simon groupie I am not. And, if you read my post from earlier this week, you know I don’t have much respect for the entertainment industry anyway. I am bothered by how they prey on people’s talents, dreams, and delusions, especially when it comes to young kids. If you’re an adult and subject yourself to all that, I guess it’s your choice. But, not kids – it’s too easy to screw them up. ...more

J-LO - An Alopecian’s Hero

Who would’ve believed that the curvaceous and sultry celebrity likes of Jennifer Lopez could make ME feel more comfortable, more normal, more beautiful in my own hairless skin (and headscarf)?...more

My Idol Audition

I was wondering if the Idol judges would mind coming to my bathroom for my audition. I really do my best work there. Allie

American Idol Season 10: What's the Verdict on the New Idol?

Reports of American Idol's demise in Season 10 may be a bit premature. Yes, it's going through a major transformation. Only Randy Jackson remains from any previous season's judging panel. He's joined by two wild cards: Jennifer Lopez -- struggling to stay relevant in a world of Lady Gagas, Ke$has and Taylor Swifts -- and Steven Tyler, who has possibly not been relevant for longer than J-Lo....more

What a great review! I could really learn some things from you.
As far as Idol I didn't really ...more

American Idol : Judges, Contestants and the Georgia Girl

        After last week I wasn’t sure if the trio of judges would work for me. However after the last two nights of American Idol I have to admit I like the freshness of the show....more

Pop Culture Potpourri (Thoughts on American Idol)

I’m sitting here watching American Idol for lack of something better to watch. And I’m asking myself, When did it become entertaining to watch delusional people have their dreams squashed? I mean what kinds of assholes have we become?...more

American Idol: Does It Have a Chance Without Simon?

  Simon Cowell ...more