Simplifying My LIfe One Lame Show at a Time

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Crack Reality Show Ridiculousness

I’ll admit my guilty pleasure: watching cable reality shows. I love anything having to do with food or cooking, interior designing, traveling, and constructing or renovating homes. Those shows, I rationalized, were educational and broadened my horizons. But, like a gateway drug - I slowly started experimenting with prime-time reality. Like many first-time ‘users’, I began with American Idol....more

I'm hooked already on "Survivor: The Real Housewives of Dog, the Bounty Hunter." Could you ...more

First Reaction: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Are American Idol Judges

The rumors have been confirmed. The results are in, so to speak: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will join Randy Jackson as judges for the impending season of American Idol. ...more

All of you sound intrigued enough to tune in, so I guess we have to say the selection of new ...more

Behind the Scenes at the "American Idol" finals

I was a rabid American Idol fan for eight seasons, but when Season Nine started, I took stock of my must-see TV list, realized there were way too many shows on it, and decided that AI had to go. So when I found out I had won a trip to the Season Nine American Idol finals, my second thought (after AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! OMG I WON!) was, "Drat, it came one season too late." But how could I miss the chance to see Simon, Randy, and Ryan? Besides, an all-expense-paid trip is an all-expense-paid trip, so I quickly got back into the AI spirit, chose my favorites (Go Michael! Go Crystal!), made my I LOVE SIMON COWELL poster, and got ready to enjoy myself. ...more

The results show was amazing! We had the same crappy seats but the whole show was kicked up a ...more

"American Idol" Recap: The Final 2 Sing Their Final Songs

It all seems "Crystal clear" to me, but I'm guessing I'll be "deepLee disappointed"! This is it, sports fans, the American Idol finale. The paintshop dude vs. the hippie mom. Dueling Guitars. And dueling deadpans. ...more

Was last night the budget AI finale or what? An entire show of oldie acts? I lived through the ...more

"American Idol" Recap: The Top 3 Take On Two

Image courtesy Fox Well, as Season 9 winds down, I'm doing my best to drum up some enthusiasm, and mostly I'm thankful that some of us still want to talk about what was a pretty lackluster season. ...more

This is a great recap of American Idol. The contestants did seem to have more talent this year ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top Four Sing Songs From the Movies

At least no one sang "Against All Odds" or "I Will Always Love You" So, there's that. As we wind down Season 9 of American Idol; as even the Top Four don't get to sing two whole songs by themselves; as we're all wondering who will replace Simon; the end of the season looms, and there hasn't been one blow-you-away performance from this season's crop of performers. Some came close, definitely. But no one crossed over into a legendary performance. Am I right? ...more

Her performance of Poker Face last year was awesome. High energy. She seemed like she actually ...more

My Top Five Reasons American Idol's Ratings Are The Lowest Since Season One

It started a few weeks ago, when Dancing with the Stars was the number-one show of the week. What the what? That's not normal in an American Idol-dominated landscape. Now, the numbers have gotten even more surprising: Tuesday night's Top Five episode sported Idol's lowest ratings since Season One. ...more

Dancing with the Stars does that, and I think, especially as you get down to the last 5 to 6, ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top Five Take a Swing at Sinatra

Hey, Idol, Idol, Idol, suhhhhhwing and a miss! Is it wrong to mix Sinatra with a baseball reference? Too bad, I'm doing it anyway. Look, I'm actually a Tony Bennett gal, not a Sinatra gal, but they shared a lot of the great American songbook, so this evening could have turned out to be a favorite. ...more

Oh. It was just that La Isla Bonita song. Nevermind. You know it's bad when even Lady Gaga ...more

American Idol: The Top Six Sing Shania Twain

So we're halfway through the finals, and last night I took stock: What did I think of this half dozen? The truth is I can take half of them, and leave the other half. And I'm not sure that's the best ratio there has ever been for an American Idol Final Six. I'm interested in what you all think: Do you find this crew as hit or miss as I do? Love 'em all? Loathe 'em all? Let's take stock. ...more

No one is living up to their potential, and some of them have great potential. That was Andrew's ...more