Glee vs. American Idol - Drama vs. Reality TV

Glee is one of the hottest new shows this year. American Idol's audience is fading with Season 9 being one of the least interesting ever....more

American Idol: The Top 7 Sing "Inspirational" Songs

Were you inspired? Anyone? [chirp chirp chirp] Do crickets chirp? Should that have been: [whrrrrr whrrrrr whrrrr] Anyone?? Image courtesy Fox Anyway, sorry I missed recapping last week, folks. I was out of town, missed the show, and felt that by the time I watched it on Saturday it might not be quite timely enough to post. ...more

I don't have to watch any of the performances to know that they weren't inspiring. Very poor ...more

Utilizing Twitter Hashtags to Market Your Business

Once you’ve begun the process of using Twitter, you’ll begin to notice phrases embedded in people’s tweets that are known as “hashtags.” A hashtag is a word or phrase in a tweet that has a “#” prefix (the “#” is a “hash” symbol, hence the root of the name)....more

American Idol Recap: The Top 9 Tackle Lennon/McCartney

And Lennon & McCartney bring out the best in them! Two years ago, American Idol first tackled the Lennon-McCartney songbook, and checking my notes it was a night of many hits and just a few misses. Crystal Bowersox. Image courtesy Fox ...more

"Bottom line: But who knows, everybody loves seeing their doofus neighbor doing well"

I ...more

American Idol: The Top 10 Take on R&B -- Well, R&B Lite for the Most Part

Even Usher can't convince a one of them to bring on the funk. Oh, American Idol, America likes to dance and party too, you know? We aren't all just dreary, lovelorn romantics full of yearning. At least not all the time. ...more

Nadia! Yes! Loved Nadia. Was so sad to see her leave as soon as she did. Then, I switched my ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 11 Sing the #1 Hits

Unfortunately, the Top 11 chose to sing just about the same, old, boring, old, tired, did-I-say-old? #1 hits that have been tackled by many an Idol-testant since time immemorial. Or at least Season 1. And, believe it or not (and I only believe it because I saw it with my own eyes), teen phenom Miley Cyrus served as this week's "mentor" because -- as we were repeatedly reminded, as though the contestants were contractually obligated to say so -- she may be young, but she's, like, totally popular and stuff. ...more

Wow.  Paige was just. so. bad.  But actually, Katie was just as off key the whole ...more

"American Idol" Recap: The Top 12 Take on the Rolling Stones

OK, people, it's the Top 12 on the big stage, baby!! Are we ready to rock? RAWRRRRRR! [Insert rock-on horned-finger salute here.] Too bad if you are, because the Top 12 were ready to adult alternative. I mean, seriously, I know the Rolling Stones have gotten old, but if they can get up there on stage and avoid the muzak approach to their hot hits, so can a bunch of 20-something hipsters, right? I'm not even a Rolling Stones fan, and I felt bad for them. Keith Richards is probably rolling over in his vampire coffin. ...more

 I cried again when the senior class gave Buffy the umbrella, "Class Protector."  I ...more

American Idol Recap: It's down to the wire for the Top 16

Only a couple stand out in a surprisingly middle-of-the-road field. I think I had higher hopes at the beginning of this season than are currently bearing out. I'm trying to figure out why that is. Much of it is song choice. All these people picking songs that are too old for them or too big for them. Some of it might actually be that, as Simon said last night, too many of them are sitting on a stool with a guitar and not really showing a lot of charisma. And some of it continues to be that with four judges talking, the singers actually do less singing. Maybe i just don't like 90 second versions of 4 minute songs. ...more

I had no idea about the defrauding children thing.  ...more

LeadHership in American Idol?

American Idol Recap: The Top 20 Try For Redemption

And some of them succeed. Last week, the Top 24 had a rocky start. The boys were almost universally atrocious, and the girls rarely surpassed mediocre. ...more

I missed the show last night and didn't even realize you were spot-on until I saw a results show ...more