American Idol Recap

I’ll be honest, past years I have not watched American Idol until they get to the exciting stuff. We’re talking Top 10 and beyond. I find auditions and “Hollywood Week” really boring and pointless since we don’t get to see most of the people actually make a splash on the show. This year was the exception. I have watched every episode of AI (except maybe one or two where I had stuff going on outside the home) and have been paying close attention so that I could have meaningful water cooler conversations with those around me....more

American Idol Recap: Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go! The Top 24 for Season 9

It was definitely Ladies Night for the Top 24. Now that we're past all the delusional people of the audition episodes and the manufactured drama of Hollywood Week, we are getting down to business, and I am kicking off my recaps. Welcome to American Idol Season 9, and the Top 24.Lilly Scott image courtesy Fox...more

So, i haven't seen the women yet.

Glad to hear I have improvement to look forward ...more

Did Adam Lambert Go Too Far on the AMAs? Nah!

Dear Adam, It's me, Megan.  You know, I write those "Idol Chit Chats" over at Megan's Minute.  We met briefly in New York right after you lost the American Idol title to that other guy, Allen what's his name.  You were so nice and sweet.  But you weren't showing off that sweet side the other night on the American Music Awards, were you?  Simulated man on man oral sex!  Man on man open mouthed kissing!  Right there on the live ABC stage!...more

You're right about it being kind of like a teenager trying to get their parents' ...more

Ellen DeGeneres to replace Paula Abdul as 4th American Idol judge

No, it's not a joke. It's not even April 1st.   It is hot news though. ...more

I can't imagine Ellen and Simon getting along. Ellen's integrity and kindness run too ...more

Top Five Tuesday - Ripped From The Headlines!

While I wouldn’t say that all porn is true to life (it’s all about the fanasties), there are some dirty flicks that grab their ideas right from what’s happening in the world.  In “Law & Order” speak, their topics are ’ripped from the headlines’ (a phrase which I love).  Sure they usually don’t have anything to do with the event or trend, but more often than not, the pornographer does a phenomenal job of marketing the shit out of what the movie is based on and definitely more often than not, I am too curious not to watch.  Here’s a list of my favorite current ev ...more

When TV is Good for Families

(adapted from a post at my main blog, ...more

American Idol Recap: The Finale

Like Dancing with the Stars, a bit anti-climactic. Mostly because that original song was atrocious...for both contestants! ...more

Nicely written. I pretty much agreed with you here right down the line! The song was ...more

American Idol recap: The Top 3 (and once again four judges means we're gypped!)

I want three songs...there was only about 9 minutes of singing last night. But a half hour of yapping. And oh, BTW: This is the post in which I commit blasphemy. ...more

Adam is talented I guess but he's just not my cup of tea (to quote Elisa!) and I thought he was ...more

Just In Time Blogging: The American Idol Recap: The Top 4 Rock Out!

Well, at this point, can I just say I like them all, but I loves me some Adam Lambert? And I really really would rather see two solos from each of these contestants than those silly duets. The biggest down side to four judges? Too much talking, not enough singing. By the point of being to the Top 5 in past years, they were singing two songs apiece, but last week we only got one. And this week, instead of two solos apiece, we got one solo apiece and a couple of duets. And the duets idea? I say can it. Don't care. How about you? 1. Adam sang Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" ...more

K Thx Bai!  I love that!  I have to remember it.

Loved Adam and Allison.  Thought Kris ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 5 sing standards! No, they sing Rat Pack songs! No, Jamie Foxx is an R&B hitmaker!

Amidst mixed messages the Idols find the challenge in singing simple standards ...more

absent the two judge only experiment of a few weeks back. No quirky contestants who can ...more