American Idol recap: The Top 7 Redux: They sing disco. Sort of.

So after the cataclysmic change wrought by the "Judges' Save" (OK, not really, but they're doing their best to make it verrrry dramatic) we have the Top 7...again. Matt was saved, but that means that this week two contestants will be eliminated. That's fine with me. As long as those two come from amongst the three I think clearly have the least potential, s'cool with me. ...more

last night certainly gives some credence that women rockers do not fare well on ...more

Are you Following Ford's Music Videos on American Idol?

Here at AskPatty,  we're not sure which part of American Idol we enjoy more: Rooting for Danny Gokey, or watching the weekly music videos ...more

American Idol recap: The Top 7 sing "Songs from the Cinema"

Oh, AI contestants, why must you sing such "power ballad" dreck? Why, WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I wish I could say that with that, I've gotten it out of my system that the song choices last night were so nauseating. But I have not. You are going to hear the word "dreck" many times in this post. You may even hear the word "bilge". The movies have been around for decades. All of the great songwriters have written for the movies, from Cole Porter to Prince, George Gershwin to Peter Gabriel. What we got last night was Bryan Adams and Lionel Ritchie. Blurg. Also, bleccchhhh. ...more

1. Matt did not deserve to be saved, but I'm not surprised they saved him. He's been as erratic ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 8 sing the year they were born

Every season American Idol has a week when contestants sing a song released in the year they were born. Used to be some 70s songs snuck in there, but now the very oldest contestant was born in 1980. I am dying inside that the music from the 80s now officially qualifies as oldies! ...more

 "I am dying inside that the music from the 80s now officially qualifies as ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 9 sing random songs and start to bug me

Come on, people, haven't you watched this show???!!! Sometimes I truly fear for the mental faculties of American Idol contestants. They must be going through such a whirlwind of activities and emotions that they lose all common sense...and they forget everything they ever learned from watching previous seasons. (Or even playback on their own earlier performances.) How else to explain the continuing poor judgement when it comes to both song choice and attire? Let's dig in. 1. Anoop sang "Caught Up" by Usher ...more

Oooh, I like the song by song analysis. This was an odd episode, very weird song choices. Since ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 10 visit Motown

Bottom line: They've got some real talent, but they've got to solidify their performance skillz This season's American Idol Top 10 s basically a talented bunch. But it one of them having an absolutely masterful performance to shine a glaring light on how amateurish most of them are when it comes to performance skillz. This was Motown Week, with Barry Gordy in attendance and Smoky Robinson as the "mentor". BOth those guys look pretty damn good for what their ages must be, but I'm beginning to think botox isn't just an addiction for industry women. OK, let's go: ...more

I wasn't at all surprised that Michael got sent home this week. I think Megan, Kris (sorry; I ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 11 Go Country

Yee Haw, y'all...God I Hate Country Week Country music is not my favorite musical genre. It's not that I don't like any Country artist, but the ones I do like tend not to be the mainstream ones...folks like Lyle Lovett and KD Lang. I've also taken a liking to Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban, but I think I may have just listed every country artist in my massive music collection right there. ...more

 I never watch Idol but temporary house-mates have made it so that I've seen it the last two ...more

Just in the nick of time: The American Idol Recap: The Top Twelvirteen

OK, I know I'm getting this in under the wire. Who knows, maybe some East Coasters already know the outcome, but I am still pure and uninformed :) Last night the American Idol Top Twelvirteen kicked off, and why, WHY do we need a Michael Jackson night? First of all: He WAS the King of Pop. He hasn't been the King of Pop in a decade. And if titles just stick with a person, no matter how far they fall down the popularity and relevance scale, then why isn't Elvis still the King? All I could say, during all the Michaek Jackson adulation being dished out, was Ewwwwwwwwww. ...more

...because Elisa's doing her reviews again. 

And--lordy, lordy--we agree...on Scott  ...more

Here's What's Coming Up On TV In 2009

I like year end lists as much as the next person but when it comes to television, this year I'd like to look forward. That's because in a couple of weeks, the cream of the television crop will arrive. Shows like "Lost," "24," and "Damages" will finally be back and I for one will be thrilled. Let's check out some of what's coming up in the next few weeks...wait, what's that you say? You insist that I take a quick look back at the fall season? Oh, all right. First let's spare a brief moment for: ...more

Hi SJ,

I didn't have any problem with the way "Dexter" ended.  It tied up all ...more

10 Reasons Why I Hate American Idol

I hate American Idol. It is vile and phony and destructive. I've never even watched an entire episode. I tried to, but I couldn't take it. I hate "AI" (which is also aptly the acronym for Artificial Intelligence) because of the effect I see it has on people. Here are my particular reasons: Reason #1: Idols are bad and we have too many of them already. ...more
Can't stand the stupid judges! They vote for the ones that are flat as can be and the really ...more