"They Treat Us Just Like Guinea Pigs."

By Alexa Kolbi-Molinas, Staff Attorney, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project & Robert Doody, Executive Director, ACLU of South Dakota...more

Sovereignty for Native Women: The Tribal Law and Order Act

On Friday, July 30, President Obama signed into law the Tribal Law and Order Act.  It's a milestone in tribal law:  legislation that works to protect Native women by supporting tribal sovereignty –- and thereby enhancing personal and sexual sovereignty, as well. One in every three Native American women will be raped at least once during her lifetime. ...more
Superficially, the The Tribal Law and Order Act sounds good, but the Federal Government of the ...more

Mixed-blood, like me

I have been trying to pinpoint what it is about Obama that strikes a chord with me. Many Clinton supporters have accused Obama-ites of not being politically astute and of supporting a candidate based on feel-good rhetoric and not the experience that the candidate brings to the presidency. For me, this does not address the Clintons' past betrayals of my political support. ...more

I read this post with great interest, not for the political aspect but for the insight from ...more