A day of Cherokee Indian culture

As my husband Ronnie, daughter GG and I headed to Cherokee, North Carolina from Tennessee, my thoughts wandered to what I've heard about the place.Cherokee, North Carolina not only houses a casino but is actually inhabited by the Cherokee, a native Indian tribe. When we arrived there, we saw signs around town printed in English and Cherokee....more

#Not4Sale: How a Group of Native American Women Are Speaking Out Against Buying Silence

Think Native mascots are harmless? Here's my experience and why I'm telling Dan Snyder we're #Not4Sale....more
AdamTSchro BeardownBureau they've already started to go after the Cleveland Indians & the ...more

Thanksgiving though a Native Lens

I’m not crazy about occasions we invent as an excuse to sell greeting cards or buy a floral bouquet. So I don’t celebrate Grandparents Day or Arbor Day.Many such events were created as an opportunity for news coverage: I know because I earn my living critiquing popular culture.If you can harness your idea to, say, Valentine’s Day, then you’re guaranteed a captive audience primed for the latest pitch.But now that we’re in the thick of Native American Heritage Month (November) I wonder how I might loosen the bonds of my cynicism....more

NaBloPoMo 26 - Hoka Hey

 Hoka Hey - It is a good time to die....more