Tattoo Discrimination It's not often you hear complaints of discrimination from white American men. It's not often they experience it here, obviously. The Sailor is though - for his tattoos. That sounds so stupid, but it's a real issue. It's an issue, because it can prevent him from finding employment after spending years serving his country.      ...more

What I Will - and Will Not - Teach My Children on Veterans Day

When flags fly and anthems ring out on Veterans Day, it’s easy to get swept up in patriotic sentimentality. In fact, warm fuzzies of national unity seem to have become the main takeaway from our celebrations of this holiday....more

My Father Carried A Memory Of The War That I Will Never Forget

My father is a Viet Nam vet, but unless you were part of our family, you probably don't know that. He doesn't talk about it. Ever. If you bring it up, he'll acknowledge it, but he's never in all my living memory talked about it openly and without invitation. He was wounded there, and for his wounds he received the Purple Heart, which he keeps in a dusty box on the back of his dresser. I saw it once, when I was young and snooping around as kids do. My Mom yelled at me to leave it alone as it was Daddy's medal and very important....more


by Resa LaRu Kirkland ...more