Gut Balance and Microbiota

So, looky what popped up on my news feed: “Imbalances In Our Gut Flora Contribute To The Obesity Epidemic: How Do We Fix This?”The article says that,...more

Healthy Fatties Run Amok

As my Fokkerites have long known, fat/overweight people live longer than thin/normal people.  Guess what?...more
TerriCorriveau I have some problems with links!more

The Kitchen Think: Turning Your Back On Your People

Extremely disappointed that the Hispanic Federation says it is going to fight New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s drive to ban super-sized sugary drinks.The Hispanic Federation and NAACP have joined the American Beverage Association’s lawsuit against Bloomberg’s proposal to limit sodas to 16 ounces in the city, which would go into effect March 12.This is the reason: according to the lawsuit, “minority-owned delis and corner stores will end up at a disadvantage compared to grocery chains.”...more

America, You Have A Choice!

Warning!  I'm about to step up on a very large soapbox.  I'm not writing this post to offend you, but to awaken you.  To evoke something in you so convincing that it moves you into action.  I want you to feel like you must do something; to create a drive in you so compelling that you can no longer sit there on your proverbial couch....telling yourself that you'll start tomorrow.  You know you need to start today. To start now.  But there's always a reason why you can't....more