To Be An American

As an American literature teacher I rejourney through our American history every year with my students. As we finished up the political pieces of the Revolutionary War with Patrick Henry and Ben Franklin and moved towards the Transcendentalist Era we began a discussion of what is an American today. At a time when our country is so in conflict with one another, I was reminded through their insight and what we all saw at the conclusion of this week with the Boston marathon bombing what makes America so great. Our student body represents over 25 different countries....more

Words hurt too

I like to forget how mercilessly and consistently I was bullied when I was smaller – and how I sometimes responded by doing it to others as well.Bullying is a learned behavior. Everyone who did it to me came from a place of emotional deficit, like most of our generation did. Most of our parents weren’t taught to accept us as people in our childhoods, and nurture us and speak to our emotions and humanity from the beginning....more

How America Killed My Sex Life

I am currently in India visiting friends and family with the kids.  ...more
i think the comments here are predictable first-world, self-righteousness. The social culture in ...more

It is Your Choice...

A few months ago the kids and I were at a local park. I was sitting on a bench reading while the kids were running around, switching between playing on the playground and tag. Some time had gone by when a woman approached me. She had a scowl on her face and looked like she was prepared to rip me a new one.  Woman:“Excuse me! Do you realize that while you have been sitting on this bench, not paying attention to your children, they have begun running around playing cowboys and indians?”...more