WHY dear Lord?

As I sit here watching my girls play, I wonder how such senseless things can happen. The minute I heard about the tragedy in Newton, CT, my heart broke. As the day went on and the reports rolled in and announced that out of the 28 that were dead - 20 were students - mostly a kindergarten class, my heart absolutely shattered. Those poor babies. How frightened they must have been. I cannot even fathom.........more

where were you?

It's hard to believe that 40 years has past since that fateful day. It started off for me like any other day. I was sophomore in high school and that day was filled with all of the typical teenage nonsense things. Concerns about friends, relatives, and acquaintances serving Nam, somehow did not overshadow the who's going with who...she think she cute...damn, I wish I'd done my English homework...James ditched class again and ain't no way Mr. Principal not gonna put some wood to his a** when he come back. Yes, just a normal day in the hood. ...more