Today, My Baby Girl ... Voted!

Today , my baby girl voted!  Wow, my daughter was able to really feel the power of demonstrating the expression of Choice, Selection, Freedom of Speech, and the magnitude of independent thinking~ Democracy!As we were leaving the school, I overheard several students exclaiming to their parent, "they had voted".  I didn't give it much thought because my daughter is just in 1st grade so I thought it was just the older kids whom had participated in this "mock" election....more
Marcia Tyler commented on FB: Wow! Maybe she's getting a head start on the game playing that ...more

Open Memo to Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State

Dear Ohio Secretary of State:  ...more

The Something I Can Do

Dear Delilah,Tomorrow, when we embark on our morning walk, we will set out on one of our familiar routes. We’ll need to make a break in the routine though, a stop at the school a few blocks from home. Why? Because that is our polling place and tomorrow is Election Day, so we’ll be stopping there so I can cast my vote.I try to be aware of and informed about the political issues that are relevant in any given election, and pay close attention to the ones that are the most important to me....more