Genetic Testing in Pregnancy with Amnio, CVS & NIPT

Genetic testing in pregnancy with Amnio and CVS carries risk of miscarriage, but what about the non-invasive tests that most women have that lead to the recommendation to have an Amnio or CVS?Right now, genetic testing in pregnancy is undergoing a seismic shift. There are many different tests that are offered to pregnant moms to screen for genetic conditions. These combined and integrated screens rely upon a combination of ultrasound plus a series of blood tests for pregnancy hormones and proteins....more

Amnio & CVS, Why You Might Consider These

Many couples wrestle with the overwhelming amount of decisions in pregnancy. Should they have genetic testing and if so, what kinds. Should they have ultrasounds, Amnio or CVS, new NIPT....more

A Promising New Way To Screen For Down’s Syndrome

Hey Moms, do you remember the heart-wrenching decisions you had to make about prenatal diagnostic testing when you were pregnant? Should you do the triple-screen AFP test at 15 weeks? Or should you do the nuchal translucency ultrasound plus blood tests for hormone markers at 11-13 weeks. Or should you suck it up and go for the gold standard -- chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis? Hold onto your maternity pants, because a new test is in the works, and things are about to change. ...more

I gotta say, reading the headline on this makes me want to hurl. Surprise, surprise ... I have a ...more