Adoption and Loss

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Oh, The Small Indignities, lol

I'm tired.  I am completely worn-out, ready to collapse in my bed and sleep for three days, exhausted! How did I get so exhausted? Did I run a marathon? Summit Mount Everest? Spend the day fighting for bargains at Macy's? No. I put on a shoe. Yes. That's right. I put on a shoe. Not just any shoe, a dress shoe. Now, putting on a shoe shouldn't be that big a deal, much less an exercise in masochism, but I have a special foot. This special foot is attached to my prosthesis, who is affectionately named Peggy. ...more

Nothing is impossible!

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More Than An Email Forward: A Visit With Molly, the Amputee Horse

In early 2009, Molly appeared in my inbox as yet another heartwarming animal-themed email forward from Mom. (Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel! Dog Frolics With Deer! Kitten and Parakeet Are Best Friends!) But somehow, Molly's story rose above the cloying cuteness and hit me in the gut. A Louisiana horse who'd lost her leg in the post-Katrina madness, Molly persevered (assisted by perceptive humans) and became a model case for amputees everywhere. ...more

This is a great story! Thanks for sharing!

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