The Lizard That Got Away

Before I started blogging, I would send eMails that recapped funny experiences to my family and friends. My mentor professor told me she saved these in a folder, in the  hopes I would write a book about desperate schoolteachers. ...more
Hello there, Kimberli! You're killing me. I want to hear the lizard story. Maybe you could ...more

Do you see what I see?

When my husband, Marc, and I were staying in Manhattan, we went to a Mediterranean fish restaurant whose specialty was preparing whole fish.  The menu featured a few typical choices, such as red snapper, Dover sole, and trout.  However, the majority of the items were exotic fishes, from across the world, that neither one of us recognized. Since we were going to share a whole fish for dinner, Marc and I were studying the menu together, pointing out fishes to get each other's opinion. Marc pointed one out to me, and asked, "What do you think this means?...more