Amy by William A. Clifford

  Title: AmyAuthor: William A. CliffordPublisher: AuthorHousePages: 268Genre: FictionFormat: Ebook/Paperback...more

Focaccia Bread!

I made a focaccia bread recipe from America's Test Kitchen - I love it!  A no knead recipe - only pain, is that you need to let the biga (starter dough) rise for-ever!The end result is always super good though!posted it on my blogspot page - enjoy! A Blog About Nothing – Focaccia Bread  ...more

Wicked Good - The Value of That

             I spend a lot of my time trying to figure out how to get our novel Wicked Good into the hearts and minds of strangers. I know my friends and family will read the book, if they haven’t already done so. And I appreciate all of you more than I can properly express. But now that the hardcover is going to be released in less then one month – it’s time for Wicked Good to reach broader exposure. People who don’t know me or Amy. The question is – how?...more

Wicked Good - our first royalty check and other good news

      We received our first royalty check. It's not much but to us it's millions. To see it, go to our blog at ...more

Wicked Good - Amy's Guest BLog Post

Here is the link to Amy's guest post blog: Amy and

Wicked Good - Jo's guest blog on co-authoring a novel

Hi Everyone - I am a guest blogger on the Gelati Scoop blog. I wrote about co-authoring a novel. Here is the link:

Wicked Good - update

For an update on Wicked Good, including when it will be released in hardcover, please go to our blog at, Amy and

Wicked Good - is number one!

After being published only 8 days, Wicked Good is the number one best seller for our publisher, Trestle Press.Sometimes, there are no words. And that says a lot coming from a couple of writers. go to, search Wicked Good, only $2.99 for the Kindle.Thank you,Amy and

Wicked Good - 5 Star Review

 Giovanni Gelati gave 5 stars to: Wicked Good by ...more