Anal Sex Article Hub

 Butts. No matter who you are or what you’re into, everybody’s got one. Yet, many questions remain: Is anal play as sexy in real life as it is in adult films? Are special PrEP-erations needed? What are the risks involved and what can you do to stay safer? And, which condoms, sex toys and lubricants are most suited for this penetrating act?...more

A Beginners Guide to Awesome Anal Sex

Anal sex can be incredibly hot but it is often misunderstood (no, enjoying anal sex doesn’t make someone gay, it merely means they like anal sex… and with all the nerve endings located in the anus, that’s not such a surprise!) and can be intimidating. But it’s not for everyone. If you have no desire to try anal sex, then don’t. Just like with any other sexual activity, you should never be pressured into doing something that you aren’t comfortable with....more
If articles such as this are going to be published on BlogHer, I think we need a NSFW section. ...more

Virginia Is (Not) For (Oral) Lovers (?!)

I woke up and checked my calendar this morning and, just as I remembered, the year is still 2013.  However, after reading that the Attorney General of Virginia wants to ban certain sexual activity, I felt like time went backwards and no one warned me!...more

Anal Sex & Dildos

I like to fuck a man with a big black dildo. I love it when my female partner fucks me with her strap-on dildo. ...more

Helpful Advice for Couples Experimenting with Anal Intercourse

Having anal sex can be extremely pleasurable for some individuals.  It is also a big step in your intimate relationship.  If you and your partner have wanted to experiment with anal sex, here are some tips that will make your experience more enjoyable....more

Sex Tips! Starting At The Bottom: An Intro to Anal Play, Part 1

As I mentioned a couple of time in the last week, I facilitated a workshop on anal play for a local sex toy store.  Not only did the workshop go wonderfully, the people that attended had awesome questions to ask.  It was a great help to have questions asked to make sure that all their fears and needs were being met and discussed, but it also showe ...more

Ten Tips For Better Sex in 2009

“Did you know that 71 percent of guys would rather have great sex occasionally than not-so-hot sex all the time?” Simone asked me, paging through the February issue of Cosmopolitan. “Let me see that,” I said, reaching out and scanning the cover of the magazine. “I'm writing an article about how to improve our sex lives.” Simone turned a page, “well, if anyone can write that, it's you.” “Actually...” I started, but I trailed off. The truth is that I need a guide more than anyone. ...more

Ever tried natural herbs or forms of aphrodisiacs to help improve your sex life?  Mainly your ...more