The Enormous Problem With Blogger Analytics

Not long ago, I went to Adobe Summit to discover what brands are being told to measure in 2016 and beyond. I was hoping to find info for bloggers about emerging trends in online marketing, brand experience, and analytics—and to show how leveraging that information would shape you as a front runner. ...more

What we read about when we read about Butterscotch Sundae (or: let's visit Google Analytics)

The most visited posts at from November 12, 2014, through today are as follows: 1. How to throw a "Star Wars" birthday party and turn a bunch of kids into Jedi knights....more

Pinterest Analytics and Apricot Truffles

 How many of you get totally lost in Pinterest?  I find myself using it also as a resource even when it comes to researching where Google would have been a go to or Bing in the past....more

Three Digital Media Analytics Your Small Business Needs to Focus on Right Now

In a world of statistics, numbers in digital media can get confusing. From re-tweets and mentions to page visits and time on site, it can be difficult to wade through the world of analytics....more

Putting Your Customer at Ease with Simple Tracking

We have been running our social media marketing agency for the better part of ten years and we have had to adapt to many changes. However, the one thing that NEVER changes is the customer’s concern for ROI and results....more
I am always amazed to see how many webmasters don't track or even have the slightest idea on how ...more

SEO/Analytics Chat Recap

I love the ladies of Shades of Social Media. They are so encouraging and knowledgeable!...more

An Introduction to the Importance of Web Analytics

Your company strives for first-class online marketing and works relentlessly to optimize those efforts. Now that you have come to know the value of online marketing, it’s time to dive head first into what will likely become one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal – a Web Analytics tool.Blogger meeting by thebrandery via Flickr...more
An Intro to the Importance of Web #Analytics - via @bloghertech | h/t ...more

Who's Reading Your Blog? PostRank Tracks Reader Engagement in Real Time

PostRank is the third look at web analytics tools in this series. In the past couple of weeks, we've also had a look at Google Analytics and Woopra. PostRank offers more services than just analytics, but this post will only examine the web metrics aspect of what they do. ...more

gives me a chance to mention something I didn't say in the article. PostRank used to be called ...more