Week 8 - Altered Book Art

I have been finding a ton of altered books on Pinterest.  Everything ranging from paper cut collages to sculptures.  One image in particular really struck me....more

Where is the Hymen?

It doesn't matter how much we push for some semblance of sex ed or how many brilliant science educators get their own blogs -- as far as literature is concerned, the hymen is an internal organ. Why is that? Where is the hymen really? ...more
I am a high school principal and you can only imagine the kinds of questions our biology ...more


Are you one of those people who does not believe in God and points to Science as one of their basis of a non-existence of a greater power? Or are you one of those who believe that Science is complementary to God's existence. What did Science do to me to make me believe in God? Here's why...continue to read here--http://tiny.cc/cz3rd...more

Astrology: Sun Signs and Body Parts

Our Sun Signs have their colors, their birth stones and their personality traits.  They also have jurisdiction over particular parts of our anatomy: ...more

A Woman, a Pioneer, an Inspiration: Caroline Myss

Caroline MyssIf you have benefited from any treatments based on Energy anatomy, or are even if you are contemplating trying them, you have Caroline Myss to thank for it! Caroline is an internationally renowned speaker who has written several bestselling books based on holistic healing practices....more

Yoga Safety and the Carpal Tunnel

My Yoga Online - Dr. Carla Cupido has posted a new Yoga Anatomy article, Carpal Tunnel and Yoga, on My Yoga Online. Dr. Cupido looks at the important aspect of preventing the development of chronic carpal tunnel conditions due to one's Yoga practice and daily activities. ...more