Watching TLC's Who Do You Think You Are? and Researching My Own History

Lately I've been watching a show on TLC called "Who Do You Think You Are?"  Largely sponsored by, it follows various celebrities around as they trace bits of their family history.  Given my own history (and frequent lack thereof), I find this show fascinating.  Image: TLC ...more
That's really impressive; very few people can trace that far back.  Good luck with uncovering ...more

Staring at branches

This week I have been inspired to do some genealogy. My husband's Aunt is a passionate hobby genealogist. Rather contagious actually. So i signed up for a trial version of to start. There are many questions to be answered and I know that they won't be answered by one online resource alone. First I researched my Father's lineage. I drew lines easily to French Canada. No surprise considering most of this geographic area contains those who lingered along the border. One family line draws itself to England....more