Are SAHM Mom's Lazy?

I'm writing this with a cup of coffee by my side. My hair is a mess and I have no make up on. I haven't brushed my teeth yet and so far all I've managed to accomplish this morning is putting a few dishes in the sink, dressing my four year old (and doling out a few dozen kisses and hugs) and eating some eggs that my husband made for me.You heard that, right?I didn't even make breakfast for anyone this morning. My oldest fed his sister, my husband fed me and the four year old doesn't want to eat....more

Stop Bullying: Speak Up

Can tens of millions of bloggers help stop bullying? We believe the answer is yes. Bullying is not just ‘kids being kids’. It can have a damaging impact on children, on families, and on communities. Too many kids are victims of bullying and too few witnesses step in to do something about it. We know that the vast majorities of teens are NOT engaged in bullying, but when it occurs, everyone has the power to stop bullying when they see it happen. ...more
I think if you are being bullied you should stand up for yourself and not let people walk all ...more

Tattoo Tragedy

CNN Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList recently tackled tattoos.Apparently, some people are sporting misspelled slogans.Examples abound. Cooper explained Hockey star Brad Marchand has” StaRley” Cup “ChampiAns” in ink on his arm. A young woman wears “Sweet PEE” tatted across her lower back.Um, “Sweat Pea,” the term of endearment/garden flower might have been what she was after. Unless she was having an “I pee and I’m proud moment.”...more
Hahahahah speaking of spelling mishaps, or rather incorrectly worded quotes in this case, it's ...more

(VIDEO) Oh, Anderson Cooper, Of Course You Have The Cutest Giggle Ever.

Anderson Cooper goes full-on Jimmy Fallon on Gerard Depardieu during a segment of his show known as "The RidicuList."   It's really worth a watch.   I mean, REALLY.  Coop completely loses his sh*t (ha!) while cracking pun after pun on the french actor for famously having relieved himself in p...more
I just couldn't believe how long it was going on for!!! Like he couldn't get enough! @ShoreBookwormmore

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

I'm feeling insightful this afternoon.It might have something to do with the incredible humidity outside.Gotta love Florida summers.It's been far too long for me to call myself a regular blogger any longer.Unfortunately, I've lost my zest for it.I haven't stopped writing, though.  No, I'm not sure that will ever happen.Just keeping my thoughts to myself these days.I will share with you something I read this morning....more

This is my candidate!


 I was clued to this on cspan. heh. what a wonk, eh? some of the actual citations were  ...more