“Suck For Luck”…Well, It Sucks

Have you heard of this?  Some NFL teams are supposedly losing games on purpose so they can have first crack at Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, the consensus Number 1 pick in next spring’s draft.  I hate everything about this – the expression, the theory and especially the idea that any professional team could actually set out to intentionally lose a game.  As the theory took root on sports broadcasts across the country, it had me wondering just how easy it would be to lose a game on purpose.  I’ve never been a competitive athlete but I raised one and watched him compet...more
Thanks for the comments. I hope you're right...that no team is out there losing purposely for ...more

On Being Wise, and Northern California Quarterbacks

Inspired by the prompt over at the Daily Post...If you had the resources to spend a year doing whatever you’d like, and you chose the goal of becoming wise, what would you do with the year?...more