One "Slut" Does Not a "War on Women" Make

Enough is enough.I expect it from the pundits who bash Republicans for ratings, but when Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz lays all the blame of the recent political garbage at the feet of Republicans, calling it a "war on women" -- I'm gonna call shenanigans.Since when did Rush Limbaugh take the place of God and savior?...more
 @Violina23 " suspect PP is the kind of organization that would help foot the bill if a woman ...more

Weiner’s Wiener Pics: Causing More Whine Than Lust

By now you must have heard of Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY). In the past ten days he has become a household name.  How could he not? A man whose name is Weiner tweets out a photo of his wiener bulge, to women he doesn’t personally know, on a public social media platform....more

Dear Leonard Pitts, "Citizen Journalism" Is Not the Enemy. Lying Is.

Your larger point - that a lot of people who call themselves "citizen journalists" are, like O'Keefe more interested in advancing an ideology than in the pursuit of truth - is best served when we hold professional news organizations to the standards to which we claim to subscribe. That's where critics of the news media who like to cite the transgressions of such former reporters as Jayson Blair, Jack Kelley, Janet Cooke, Mitch Albom and other plagiarists and fabulists miss the point....more

No Jill, I haven't sent it to him, but that is a good suggestion. I was stunned by the tone of ...more