Google Announces Developer Preview of Android Things – its Latest IoT Platform

Internet Mogul, Google, has recently rolled out its Android-based operating system dubbed Android Things. Basically, this is Android for IoT and is an all-inclusive platform for building smart devices by using API’s and Google’s own services....more

Guide to Buy the Right Smartphone

Best Android Apps for Entertainment

I can't stress this enough to my friends and people I talk to about Android apps in general- Most of the best Android apps are the free ones. This is true for nearly every category of apps and the Android entertainment apps are one of the exceptions!...more

What is a Rootkit?

A rootkit is a kind of software that conceals malware from standard detection methods. A good analogy for a rootkit would be a burglar breaking into your house. The burglar is dressed all in black, so that his form blends into the darkness. He tiptoes around to hide his sounds so he’s more likely to go undetected as he steals your belongings. But unlike the burglar, who usually takes your stuff and leaves, an efficient rootkit can stick around for years doing its work, robbing your computer or mobile device of data....more

What Is the Best App on Your Phone?

So what's your favourite app? I love peeking at people's phones and seeing what apps they couldn't live without. Since I can't see their phones, I had to ask this nosy question of all the other editors at BlogHer via email. Luckily, they answered me, and I got a few new ones to download. And now I'm turning over the question to you: what is the one app that you gush about? That you love love love. That you tell other people to download? Even more than finding out about new apps, I love hearing how people are cleverly using existing apps; even simple ones like Notes. So chime in with your best tips (and apps!) in the comment section. And don't worry that we're asking you to choose just one: we can spread this appiness every month. ...more
I find Screen grabber very usefulmore

november phone theme and calendar widget tutorial

 Since the 90s are making such a huge comeback [which seem...more

Android Smartphone - Things You Need to Know

Today mobile industry is growing at rapid pace; Android OS is becoming the most demanded mobile platform for the mobile phones. In near future Android platform will become more powerful and much demanded mobile platform than its rival Apple's iOS.Most of us these days are using Android smartphones. Android market is growing day by day, There are copious number of Android Smartphone available online that you can decide to choose from. Select a best Android Smartphone which suits you the best, in terms of budget and in the features....more

TECHNOLOGY TIPS: 10 Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Have you stuck with your New Year's Resolutions?...more

NFC app on androids facilitates automation

Near field communications (NFC) is the exchange of information between two devices via wireless signal. For example, a wireless signal emitting from your cell phone can act as a credit card when making a purchase. In the case of a mobile wallet application, those devices would be a mobile phone and a point-of-sale device at a checkout counter....more

How to….customize Kido'z content for YOUR child

The Internet is like an endless ocean of websites and games and videos and pictures – sometimes we think that WWW stands for World Wide Wading! We know that busy parents will often give up when trying to find online content that is suitable for their kids....more