Interview: "Blue's Clues" Creator Angela Santomero Launches Two Shows Via Amazon Instant Video

Angela Santomero has saved my butt on more than one occasion. As the creative force behind Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood she's given me much needed ammo for potty training, calming down toddlers, getting my daughter to wait patiently, and so much more....more

Angela Santomero's New Show Released on PBS + More!

Angela Santomero, blogger at AngelasClues and creator of Blue's Clues, was interviewed by Forbes. She also announced the premier of her new show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. ...more

Angela Santomero's Show Receives An Emmy Nomination + More!

Angela Santomero of Angela's Clues has a show nominated for an Emmy. ...more

What does Leadership mean to you?


Mean Girls and Where to Find the Nice Ones!

What do Chelsea Clinton and Alicia Keys have in common? They both rocked Vera Wang dresses this past weekend, in two very different ceremonies, as they exchanged their “I Do’s”. While an expecting Alicia married her DJ lover, Chelsea opted for the Wall Street Banker (doing her parents proud we are sure). Both weddings appeared in Google’s “top 10” trend list proving that we are either romantics at heart, or that we are simply happy to see two “nice girls” find love....more