Graceful Black Swan

The graceful Black Swan deserves an Oscar too because its intensity, and the psychological inside of every part that had us read between the lines to figure out what was real, and what was part of the figment of the made up identity, that had all of us biting our nails with the fear of becoming one of her....more

Share with us who's your favorite for tomorrow night's Oscars...

And if you are voting for ...more

Pop Culture Potpourri — 1/17/2011

Hey! Welcome to the first edition of Pop Culture Potpourri, a daily round up of my pop culture consumption. Here you'll read about the movie stars, musicians, TV personalities and programs that tickle my fancy or draw my ire. I hope you enjoy it. ...more

Angelina, The Actor/Director, and Why There Really May Be No Such Thing as Bad Publicity.

As if it's not enough that she's all gorgeous and has a gaggle of international babies and millions of dollars AND Brad Pitt, now Angelina Jolie is adding director to the list of things she will probably be annoyingly better at than me. And of course, she's being all Angelina about it and NOT starring in the movie herself, making it all that much harder for me to hate on her for it. Touche, Angie. I've always enjoyed a challenge. ...more
  A "Have her cake and eat it" scenario. Aside from her beauty, her noble attributes as a ...more

To Stay Or Leave – An Abusive Relationship

Yesterday was a fun-filled day of parties for my family. We had my neighbor’s holiday party, followed by my son’s school holiday party. There were chocolates, candy, pinyatas and good festive fun....more

The Curious Case of Brad Pitt for Mayor of New Orleans

Brad Pitt. The tabloids won't give the gorgeous man a rest. Every detail of his relationship with Angelina Jolie is constantly under scrutiny, and with the release of Inglorious Basterds in late summer and today's stories about the hitch for his movie Moneyball, we know we're going to be Pittched at least weekly in the next few months. But Brad Pitt for Mayor of New Orleans? Come on! ...more

I wonder how annoying Poor Pitt finds all of this to be considering the fact that he probably ...more

My Son Loves Women.... Should I Be Worried?

I had heard comments from his daycare at how much Jeffrey loves older women.  I had heard a story from the daycare about the time that a student who was studying Childhood Education spend two days at the daycare as part of her program. Apparently, Jeffrey was always around her.  He would look at her with a glaze in his eyes.  He wanted to hold her hand all the time and whenever he did ANYTHING, he would look at her for a reaction. ...more

It's lonely out here: planning for a natural childbirth

Who knew we were such a nation of drug pushers? Here is the conversation I am having at least once a day, with moms and non-moms alike. Them: “Are you taking childbirth classes”? Me: “Yes, I’m taking hypnobirthing. I want to have a natural childbirth.” Them: “Good luck with that (wink wink). Or, “Yeah I did too, you’ll get over it.” Or: “You’re nuts! Take the drugs”! ...more

I agree here, no one questioned me at all for wanting to go "all natural" with my pregnancies, ...more

Angelina And Me

Angelina Jolie and I don't have a lot in common. She's a world-famous celebrity who is adored by millions and married to Brad Pitt; I am a blogger who is adored by tens, maybe dozens (on a good week), and married to an awesome guy that you've never heard of. But there is this: we're both mothers. And we're both in therapy. ...more

It *is* amazing what getting a full night's sleep will do for you. My baby (the youngest of ...more