Brooklyn's annual 18th Avenue SANTA ROSALIA  Feast!Tonight (AUG 27) my cousin CALEPS DJ is DJ-ing at the feast &  my   father ANGELO VENUTO will be appearing singing his dance remixes - club hits "L'Italiano", "Ti Amo" &  "Sweet Caroline"The 18th ave feast will have many food stands - sausage & pepper stands / fried zeppolis and even summer drink stands. The feast is about 10 - 20 blocks....more

Finding a guy who didn't mention my father's name

In 2002, my father "Angelo Venuto" had a hit song come out on wKTU radio.  Dance Remix - L'Italiano.  I was 17 turning 18 at the time (I am now 29).  We would take a limo to all of the local clubs every weekend and watch him perform. My sister, cousins, and my friends loved it too. I was 17 going to clubs that were 21 and over.  He had  about a good 10 yr run singing at clubs. He had about 3 or 4 dance songs out on the radio. It was great. I felt awesome. But then I started DATING....more