Hair She Buzz: 3 Women likely to carry baton of Maya Angelou | Cultural Matriarchs

Hair She Buzz -- When describing Dr Maya Angelou over mourning period and into history, many will describe Angelou as maternal, a matriarch, or model of one carrying weight of a culture as a thought leader. Angelou gave birth to a way of thinking, processing, and responsibility to a culture - black culture and beyond.  A mother in a movement.  Unafraid, unapologetic, yet forgiving.  She helped a people move beyond anger to actions through her poetry, storytelling, and activism.  Many will ask -- who will be the next Maya Angelou?...more

Poetry as a spiritual wake-up call

What is it about poetry that has the ability to connect us to those things we sense beyond language? The realm of the spirit, the metaphysical, close-to-the-jagged edge, raw nerve, depth of the heart, holy, sacred places--- those spaces seem more suited for the suggested music in poetry, the dance of language, the construction of that which makes and does not make sense all at once. Yet poetry (when it is working well) is not vaulted, special, incomprehensible. When the art form is in the hands of a true artist, it is very comprehensible, even if it communicates something very profound. ...more

Thank you for sharing such wonderful poems - I like the Robert Bly one the most.more