Angry Birds birthday party invitation

Idea submitted by Lisa of Zionsville, Indiana.Is your child having an Angry Birds birthday party? Here is a fun invitation that you can make on your own! This is a great invitation to hand-deliver to your party guests because it’s too big to fit in a regular-sized envelope.You will need:...more

Angry Birds is Coming to Facebook

Angry Birds is coming to Facebook. That's correct, my social media gaming friends. Achieve any extraneous life goals while you can. Pack a lunch and kiss your loved ones goodbye, because the scarily addictive little game of battling pigs and birds (who invented this and can I have some please?) is jumping off of your mobile device and onto your desktop. ...more

I splurged and got the Mac version from the App store. Now I not only play it on my iPhone but I ...more

How to Make Angry Birds Cupcakes

The body for the birds and the pigs can be made a number of ways -- fondant, cake balls -- but I used doughnut holes covered in red and green candy melts. Way easier than making cake balls and yummier than fondant. Who eats fondant? Gross. ...more
PS You are as genius and thanks for saving me like $25 I would have had to pay for an angry ...more

App Addict? I've Got Your Gift Guide

I'm not going to lie. I delayed writing this post because I did not want anyone else to see the AWESOME gifts that can be had if you are addicted to a few iPad, iPhone, or whatever other devices apps there are out there. I wanted them all for myself, my family, and I wanted to make sure you didn't outbid or outbuy me. But out of love for you, my community, I will share my knowledge. I'm a giver. ...more

My son has JUST discovered this one. Perhaps a stocking full of oranges is in order? more