Wide Eyed Elementary School Parents

pamodeo I know it's tough. I went through it. I MOVED my son away from his girlfriend when he ...more

It’s just a phase

Phases. We go through many of them as parents. Some breeze on by before we give them much more than a second thought. Others – whether or short or long-lived – cause us worry and occupy our minds and hearts as we’re trying to tell ourselves, “It’s just a phase.”...more

Angry at Nothing: The Anthem of Teenage Angst

Originally Posted on ChapterTK.comMost of my poetry up  to this point has questions my identity. Who am I? Who do I want to be? Why am I in pain and what do I need to relieve myself from suffering? Those poems were mostly from my late middle school years. The last couple, including the one below, come from my freshman year of high school....more

Perils of Pauline, er, Mar

Getting old is certainly not for sissies. I am at it again. There has been some major, one sided, lower back pain that is so sharp it takes my breath away. I figured it’s time to stop being a martyr,not that it gets me anywhere, and see about finding out what ‘s going on. ...more

My first hate mail!

As I sorted through my email today, I found something far more unsettling than the spam offering free lobster and hot babes in my area. ...more

Mother's day for some ain't easy

Mother's day for some ain't easy For me Mother's day is always a bit tough. My memories of my mother are very limited and a lot not the greatest. I once asked my dad if my Mom wanted kids and he said absolutely. I find that difficult to sometimes see in my mother. I wanted kids for sure and I know my kids feel that love and need and want within me. When I look at my Mom today at 84 it is hard to recognize her spirit....more

The Mind of a Tween Girl

[A guess of what my 11-year-old daughter's journal would surely look like, if she had one.] Friday, December 18th 2009 Dear Journal, I let Mom come to school with me this morning to carry my stuff. There was a lot of stuff AND it was raining and I got wet and I hate that. She was pretty much okay except when Ms. Science told her I was missing part of my project. Then I'm pretty sure she would've gone into full lecture mode if we hadn't run into the next teacher who needed cookies. Ugh!! ...more

I'm making note to come back here and read all these daughter blogs...wheeee:)But just had to ...more